Tips&Tricks: You’ve started your business, now it’s time to start writing a blog!

You’ve bravely set sail on your journey as an entrepreneur – you’ve got a sleek, modern website and you’re active on social media so as to promote your own business. You may think you’ve covered all the bases of the digital age, but there may be one last thing you’re forgetting – a blog. Many entrepreneurs will wave their hands dismissively at the mere mention of the word “blog”, often accompanied by comments like “I don’t have time for that” or “I don’t need a blog”, but those are simply making a mistake. Blogs may have once been personal diaries for everyone to read on the internet, but today they have morphed into a useful promotional tool for businesses and are an excellent method of exchanging and communicating relevant information. If you still believe that a blog isn’t necessary, the following points will surely change your mind.

A blog increases your visibility on the internet

Every new blog post will contain information and concepts that will be potentially vital and interesting to someone. This means that regular blogging (in accordance with good SEO etiquette) increases the chance of your blog showing up in search results of those who are seeking out information relevant to your sector or industry. And once they reach your blog post, maybe they’ll be interested to see what else you offer…

A blog positions you as an expert

If you are able to transfer your knowledge, professional experience, and personal perspective into the written word, readers will always come back for more – but also provide you with valuable feedback. Both your reputation and authority will rise at the same time in online communities, which can only have a positive impact on your business. What’s even more important – if you are able to establish yourself as a successful, high-quality blogger in your industry, you will become interesting to the media who are often in search of experts willing to say a word or two on a particular topic. A little bit of free PR always comes in handy, and a blog is one of the ways you can make that possible.

A blog attracts new buyers and partners

Quality, accurate, and useful content on your blog can help to increase customers’ trust in your business, and amongst your readers will almost certainly be those who are interested in your product or service – especially if, in finding your blog post, they found the solution to whatever problem they may have been having. Maybe your blog post could be that trigger that convinces them to take that vital step – a purchase or making direct contact.

A blog is a source of fresh content

A blog feature is a wonderful addition to your official website as it will make it look dynamic, breaking up the sense of “staticness” found on many business websites. At the same, writing frequent blog posts will provide you with fresh content to share on social media (for both your personal and professional profiles), as well as for your newsletter, if you have one. It is important to remember that accurate and new content will be interesting to old and new readers alike.

A blog is a source of new ideas and creativity

Apart from a blog’s usefulness in promoting your business and its activities, a blog is an excellent way of developing personal skills. If you are dedicated to your blog, you will almost certainly develop your written capabilities, expand your vocabulary, come up with new ideas, and learn how to awaken your own creativity. Moreover, you will eventually discover a little editor inside your head who knows what’s trendy, how readers think, and how to present relevant information in the most interesting way possible. And just like every serious entrepreneur, you’ll know how to apply your new skills and ideas to daily business activities.