Tips&Tricks: 5 must-read blogs for all entrepreneurs

Useful advice, up-to-date information, and inspiration all have an immeasurable value, particularly in the entrepreneurial day-to-day where keeping track of business news and trends is vital. This valuable content is found on countless irresistible blogs from renowned, experienced entrepreneurs, bringing their expert opinions and insights. But, where to start? Which authors to read? We bring you a small selection of entrepreneurial and professional blogs that all belong in your bookmarks bar or should be followed on social media and frequently read!

Want to learn more about successful sales techniques? Or how to craft a good sales email or how to contact a potential customer? All the answers are provided by, which covers mainly the world of sales and provides a wide range of tutorials, tips & tricks, texts, case studies, and video clips. A great little blog for all those who want to raise their sales game to a whole new level!

Hack the Entrepreneur

As the name suggests, Hack the Entrepreneur provides useful ideas for “hacking” the professional day-to-day and solving various entrepreneurial challenges. Tricks for productivity, advice for website upkeep, marketing manuals, book recommendations… these are just some of the content on this blog from the consultant and author Jonny Nastor.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Blog

Jesse Krieger is another popular author of entrepreneurial literature, but he also publishes fascinating posts on his blog, Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Here you will find case studies, personal experiences, advice for managers, but also a range of insights that may be interesting to those who wish to wade into the adventure known as writing and publishing a book.

Octane Blog

Octane Blog is a part of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, an online platform which is truly the source of a rich range of interesting and educational texts for all those who are involved in business and entrepreneurial activities. From authentic experiences from businessmen to financial advice, Octane is a blog you’ll stick around on for some time. It is also commendable that content is update multiple times per week.

Seth’s blog

This man requires no introduction. Seth Godin is a famous marketing guru and former entrepreneur and author of 18 books, including “Purple Cow” and “Tribes”. Godin’s blog is instantly recognizable by his signature short and fast-paced texts that provide a fascinating insight into his thoughts and attitudes towards business-marketing, but also towards modern culture and society in general. Ideal for everyday inspiration.