Tips&Tricks: 4 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore your website

A website is a sort of bulletin board that represents your business practically 24/7. That in and of itself is reason enough why any serious entrepreneur shouldn’t ever ignore their official website. Unfortunately, many still mistakenly believe that there’s nothing left to do after setting up their official website. Such an ignorant approach, however, can have truly deep consequences. If nothing much has happened on your website for two-three years, it’s high time that you do something about it as soon as possible, and here are four reasons why!

A modern design and a good UX equals happy users

A modern-looking website with intuitive navigation gives the impression of a serious company with authority in its sector of business. As such, the chances of someone contacting your business and ultimately becoming a customer greatly increase. Conversely, an old and unappealing website with a poor user experience (UX) leaves the impression of unprofessionalism and discourages users, even if the website’s content itself is of a high quality and interesting. Before (re)designing your professional website it is important to think about how visible and clearly presented key information is (contact information, a description of products/services), ensuring that it is all only one click away – which is to say, the user doesn’t have to think too hard to find that which they’re looking for.

New content attracts more traffic

A good design attracts attention, but good content keeps website visitors around – and encourages them to return to it again in the future. A regularly updated blog feature on your website will break-up the staticness of a professional website, but it is advisable to periodically freshen up the visuals and imagery that communicate the products, services, and the company itself (eg participating in fairs, conferences etc.). Frequent posting of new content can also ensure a better SEO rank, aka a better position on internet search engine results, thus also leading to increased website traffic.

Technology is changing day-to-day

In the digital world, “the only constant is change” and things that were important a year or two ago can today seem like ancient history. Is your website taking too long to load? Take care of that problem as soon as possible because internet users today are impatient and a second’s wait too long and they’re gone. Still don’t have a responsive site? In today’s climate this is a huge mistake as most users access the internet on their mobile devices and expect that websites scale to fit their screens. Of course, in order to keep track of all the changes in technology and web standards, you’ll most likely need help from experts or specialised companies.

Security must be a priority

We believe that you can talk about internet security too much, especially in a time where hackers are, unfortunately, not the exception but rather the rule. Frequent website and CMS platform updates are one of the most important safety measures, so be sure to check how your website hosting service takes care of security and what it does to maintain and protect your website.