Tips&Tricks: 4 reasons why you need to have a YouTube channel

YouTube is used by approximately two billion people on a monthly basis, which makes it one of the most popular digital services of today. And no, this largest online video platform is not only used for watching music videos and funny cat videos, but it is also a useful tool for promoting companies and entrepreneurs. Haven’t you still created your YouTube channel? Get started as soon as possible, and we’ll tell you why!

Presentation of products, services and companies

YouTube is a powerful marketing tool, especially since video is suitable for product and service demonstration, as well as promotion of the company itself and its corporate culture in general. Make sure to consider producing content such as mini video reports representing your company as well as short films, or even animations presenting your offer. Of course, the material you post on YouTube should be of a good quality, and planned and implemented with the help of professionals. Pay attention to the length of the videos as well, because the attention span of today’s internet users is very short. In other words, tell (i.e. show) what you have in a minute or two.

Website traffic

YouTube can indirectly have a beneficial effect on visits to your official website. How to achieve this? Make sure that every posted video contains a short description and a relevant link to your page, and don’t forget to put the link in the description of the channel itself (where you can also add links to your social media pages). If you’ve attracted YouTube users’ attention with a quality content, they may want to learn more about your business, and they will be able to do it instantly if they’re already provided with a link.

Reputation building

YouTube is an ideal place for posting video tutorials, tips, and educational material, which can further enhance your company’s image and attract the attention of your targeted audience. Are you into culinary arts? Film a video recipe of a famous dish. Do you have a software company? Briefly explain to the users how the process of creating a website or an online store looks like. Such content additionally demonstrates your expertise, professionalism and experience, and strengthens the company’s reputation, both among potential buyers and service users, as well as in the B2B environment.

Practical video treasury

Your YouTube channel is also a kind of video archive you can always use when you require a certain content. In fact, because of simple sharing options and user-friendly settings, videos posted on YouTube are also easily used on other online websites. Do you want to embed a certain video within an article or a blog post on your website? In a few clicks you can get its code on YouTube, copy it and paste it into the appropriate place within the CMS software solution you use to manage your website. Do you want to send your promotional video to a business partner or a client? If it’s posted on YouTube, there’s no need to handle large files. Videos posted on YouTube may serve well as a newsletter content or for implementing multimedia presentations, and among other things, they are convenient for sharing on social media networks.

And since you’re building your own online video treasury, keep in mind its timely updating and editing. In translation: that three-year-old video showing a product you no longer have in offer, feel free to hide it from the public eye.