Tips&Tricks: How to turn blog readers into customers

You have started a business blog, you regularly produce content, but now you want to get readers seriously interested in your products or services and turn them into (loyal) customers. Of course, this will not happen overnight because every type of sales activities usually require a lot of planning, time and effort. However, the mission is not unachievable, and here are a few things to keep in mind if you want your blog to contribute to sales results.

Be subtle in tone and approach

It is clear that you want to sell your product or service, but that does not mean your blog post has to be written in an ad or a PR post style. Moreover, if you will be intrusive and praise your product from the rooftops, attribute to it epithets such as “the best” in every way, you will only repel the reader who did not visit the blog to read sales texts anyway, but to find out something useful and interesting. Therefore, keep in mind the tone of communication and promote your products unobtrusively, describing their benefits and features in a subtle way, preferably using a specific example of everyday use. If you provide the user with quality information and good advice, it is more likely that he or she will become interested in what you offer.

Play around with formats

You wrote an interesting text, but have you thought about its visual elements? In fact, you need to attract internet users (whose concentration is low anyway) with high-quality visuals for them to even start thinking about shopping. Do you sell gadgets or technology equipment? Provide the highest quality product photos as text addition. Do you create mobile and web applications? Think about a simple infographic you will post as part of a blog section that will bring readers closer to their purpose, benefits or usage. Should we even mention that video content is more than desirable? For example, video tutorials within a blog could be of great interest to potential buyers, and all you need is a solid smartphone, a mini camera stand, and a little bit of goodwill and creative enthusiasm. However, if you are not so adept at creating this type of content, seek help from professional cameramen.

Pay attention to the user experience

Needless to say, the blog should look modern and have a clear design, so that users can spend more time on the blog. If your website seems outdated and unintuitive, forget about the readers’ interest, both for content and for your company. Also, all relevant information should be quickly and easily accessible to users without many clicks and searching on the page. Specifically, when it comes to blog posts, it is important to enrich texts with directly relevant links where the reader and potential customer will get more information about your products and services. These can be, for example, links to contact information or contact form, online store, list of offices, affiliate websites, official channels on social media networks, etc. It is certainly advisable to also implement call to action banners within the text that lead to the desired destination containing more information about your offer. Of course, all these “supplements” should be consistent with the theme and context of a particular blog post.

Plan content distribution

If you want to increase the readership of the blog and consequently reach potential customers, the content should be marketed through other digital channels such as social media networks, newsletter, affiliate sites, etc. When creating content, also pay attention to SEO rules, so that your blogs are well listed on search engines. If you’ve already created a great blog post, make sure to also invest in its social media marketing, which essentially is not expensive and allows you to accurately target your desired audience. When distributing content on digital channels, make sure to think about the appropriate formats and additions – titles, statuses, visuals… If you have attracted the users’ attention and ultimately provided them with quality content and specific information, the chances of them becoming your customers will only increase!