Tips&Tricks: It is time to redesign your website!

How many times have you opened a company website and immediately realized that it seemed – outdated and unattractive? Unfortunately, this is still a frequent case in our domestic business environment, especially when it comes to websites of small businesses and sole proprietorships. It is somewhat understandable that (small) entrepreneurs do not always have time or resources to regularly keep track of updating and adjusting their digital channels, but when your website looks like it was made in the last decade, then you really have a problem.

Besides the fact that the outdated website is like a “punch in the face” and it does not look representative at all, there is a great possibility that potential partners and customers simply will not take you seriously, and therefore “turn to” your competition (which, of course, has a website designed according to all modern standards). To avoid such cases, here are some signs and scenarios indicating that it is time to redesign the website!

Website is slow

One of the key signals that you need a new website is its slowness. Today’s internet users simply do not have the patience or understanding for slow loading of websites, and they expect the information they want right now! If it takes more than 2 seconds for your page to fully appear to the visitor, this is already a clear sign that you need to do something about it.

Website is unresponsive

Adjusting the website for mobile devices, that is, all screen sizes, is the minimum standard today! However, there are still websites that appear to have originated and remained in the ancient times, when we accessed the internet exclusively on desktop computers. Do not let yours be part of that unpopular group because, in addition to being simply ignored by mobile internet users (who are the majority), you will also be penalized by having a bad ranking on search engines. In other words, Google no longer has mercy for unresponsive websites today.

Website provides a poor user experience

“Keep it simple” is the main mantra of modern web design. If your site is unclear, difficult to navigate, unintuitive, and cluttered with unnecessary features, it is time to redesign it radically. Poor user experience is something you should never allow yourself, as users will run away from you, especially if they have to think too much and cannot find the information they are looking for in a few clicks.

Website is not pleasing to the eye

Trends in the digital world are often changing, and something that used to be popular in web design just a few years ago may now belong to an “online museum”. Outdated and unattractive design leaves a bad impression on users and adversely affects the image of a company, while also damaging the user experience we mentioned. Study the layout of other websites in your industry, read articles on web design trends, and you will quickly see if you need to change.

Company underwent rebranding

Any changes to your business image, visual identity, logos and official colours should be implemented on the website as well. That is, if you have conducted a thorough rebranding of your business, your website must reflect new changes at the same time, which means that the redesign is imminent. You certainly would not want your buyers and customers to visit your website and get the impression it concerns a completely different company.