Residents of the Urban Incubator visited the ”Trokut”

Residents of the Urban Incubator of the City of Šibenik today visited the Center for New Technologies and Entrepreneurship Trokut

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TROKUT CENTER | Home of Millenial Entrepreneurs/

A unique TROKUT CONCEPTION, through FAB LAB, INCUBATOR and HOLIWORK programs, will provide incentive infrastructure for growth and development of new generation entrepreneurs and creation of new jobs in the Šibenik-Knin County./

FAB LAB for generation of Millenials

The entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to accept new technologies and the desire for lifelong learning are acquired in school days and last for a lifetime. Through attractive educational projects for various ages, the Trokut Center will create a stimulating climate for the development of a knowledge society.

INCUBATOR for safe StartUp start

The first StartUp steps are lighter and safer with top infrastructure, skilled and committed mentors, the availability of new technologies, and a stimulating working environment. Workspace, equipment, education, business events and connectinons with entrepreneurs from all over the world will make Trokut Incubator the first page of many successful business stories.

HOLIWORK for world travelers and techno nomads

Entrepreneurs of the new millenium love their business, just like traveling, new experiences and fun. By using the benefits of modern technology, traveling around the world allows them to carry business with them. The techno nomads of the third millennium in Sibenik will find a home they will be happy to return to.

You want to become an entrepreneur, but you have no space and equipment to develop an idea or just want to spend a working holiday in Sibenik .../



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