Sibenik is a vacation destination. It is the culmination of Mediterranean lifestyle – fresh food, sun shaded coastline and enchanting medieval architecture. It is the city that provides all the conveniences of living in the urban environment, from technological and business infrastructure, to cultural and entertainment. Simultaneously, Sibenik offers the peace and simplicity of a small Mediterranean ambience.  Tourists visit Sibenik only during the summer months and stay there for a short while. We want to change that.

Millennials are people of completely different views of life. They are open, self-aware and in constant search for the balance between business and private life. They love their work, but they also want to enjoy every day life . They want to cope with creative work, follow their dreams and believe they are unique. They want to work in the environment they created.

The Trokut centre is a hub created according to the Millennials standard. A place where they can work on their technical or creative masterpieces. A place where their talents can be incubated and spread throughout the world. A place where people can meet similar people and enjoy spontaneous cooperation.

Sibenik is the destination for those who want to work on their own terms. For people who are constantly looking for new experiences and never stop working on their project. That’s why Trokut is the perfect place for vacation and work. A place to realize dreams while immersed in the Mediterranean way of life. Because if you need your vacation and live your job, you should live HOLIWORK.

We want to turn HOLIWORK into an internationally recognized entrepreneurial movement in which people get the best living environment to work on their project. Without authority, without bureaucracy, only flexibility, transparency and mentoring in order to be able to own one’s own purpose.

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