Business Incubator

Trokut launched a Business Incubator in the field of IT, which aims to train small and medium-sized enterprises in the wider area of the City of Šibenik to be competitive in the domestic and foreign markets. In order to succeed in this, our goal is for every entrepreneur to go through a cycle of 6 modules.

Each module lasts a week long during which the entrepreneurs deep dive into the topic itself as the presentation skills of the participants of the business incubator are further worked on and improved on a weekly basis. During the incubator, all participants will have access to mentors who will work with them and guide their development in this journey.

Applications are open until March 31, 2021, while the total insured amount of awards for the best entrepreneurial innovations covered under this Program is 100,000.00 HRK.


All details as well as the conditions for the application can be found in the Rules and Regulations of the Business Incubator Trokut Šibenik by clicking on the following links:

Javni natječaj Poduzetničkog inkubatora

Pravilnik Poduzetničkog inkubatoraTrokut Šibenik

Tekst Izjave i Obrazac pretprijave

Izmjenjena verzija Javnog natječaja, Pravilnika Poduzetničkog inkubatora i Tekst Izjave i Obrazac pretprijave:

Izmjena_Javni natječaj Poduzetničkog inkubatora

Izmjena_Pravilnik Poduzetničkog inkubatora Trokut Šibenik

Izmjena_Tekst Izjave i Obrazac pretprijave

Presjek modula poduzetničkog inkubatora je sljedeći:

Inspirational day

During the inspirational day, the participants will be introduced to the business incubator program, lecturers and the mentors. During the introductory lecture, participants will talk about what it means to be an entrepreneur, what kind of a “mindset” is needed for success and how to know if their product is what the market needs. Inspirational day is held on April 13, 2021.

Business model

During the first week of the lecture, participants will learn how to create a business model and how to plan product and company development. They will get acquainted with the different metrics that every entrepreneur is obliged to follow, learn how to manage projects and will create a three-year plan using the technique of “growth hacking”. Business model week is held from 19 to 23.04.2021.

Product week

The first step towards becoming an entrepreneur is product development. In order for the product to be adequate to the market from the very beginning, this week is dedicated to the development and design of the product itself. The goal is to develop a product that is suitable to the needs of the market, that is design-appealing to the end user, and to learn the basics of responsiveness in a digital environment. Product week is held from 26 to 30.04.2021.

Money, money, money week

Every entrepreneur needs basic knowledge of RDG, balance sheets, taxes and which legal entity to open (trades, flat trades, d.o.o., j.d.o.o., employment contract,…). During this week, each attendee will learn the basics of finance, liquidity and how to communicate with their accountant. Money week session is held from 03. to 07.05.2021.

Market week

In the fourth week of the incubator, participants will go through all the basic knowledge they need to identify their market, identify their competitors, how to change their mindset and expand their market globally. During this week, they will also go through various “go-to-market” strategies, how to choose their niche and whether it is even necessary to expand beyond national borders with their product. Market week is held from 10 to 14.05.2021.

There is no „I“ in team

What are the values of the company that the entrepreneur is starting and how to find out who is the right employee for it. Questions such as why it’s important to manage a teas m and work closely with them every step of the way; are just some of the topics they will cover this week. Special attention will be paid to “feedback”, why it is important, how to ensure good “leadership” and what impact it has on the business itself. This module is held in the week of 17 – 21.05.2021.

Investment ready

In the last week, participants will learn how to secure different sources of funding, and will learn directly from the investors what investors expect, how to prepare a good “pitching” and what investors want startups to know. In addition to investors, they will learn about opportunities for financing from EU funds, various venture capitalists and business angels. Investment ready week is held from 24 to 28.05.2021.

Demo day

Demo day is the last day of the business incubator where all participants present their products in the way they learned during the business incubator. The demo day is open to the public and the media, as the jury will select the best entrepreneurial ideas and will award them with adequate prizes. The awards will include a financial incentive, as well as the opportunity to use the coworking space in Trokut, and continuous guidance from the mentors of the Business Incubator. Demo day is scheduled for May 31, 2021.

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