Trokut Šibenik started a NEET ACADEMY in cooperation with partners FINA, Fores d.o.o., IN2 d.o.o., LibuSoft d.o.o. and the Polytechnic of Šibenik, and enrolled the first group of students for the IT profession of a business analyst. The academy is intended for members of the NEET target group which are young unemployed people who are not enrolled in educational institutions anymore, as well as those who are employed in inadequate jobs and want a career change.

A business analyst is a computer scientist who:

  •  actively participates in the application development and is part of the maintenance team
  •  represents a link between the end users of the solution and the software engineers who develop it
  • understands business processes
  • analyzes user needs, shapes them into requirements for software engineers
  • ensures that the delivered system adequately meets the needs of the user

He/she is in charge of:

  • introduction of business applications for users and for their upgrades due to legal changes or changes in business processes of users.

This occupation is extremely wanted, the job is dynamic, and like most occupations in the IT industry, it is paid above average.

The education is free and lasts for a period of 4 months.
It is a combination of theoretical and hands on parts with an emphasis on hands on work according to the following schedule:

  • 40 hours of theoretical classes and exercises
  • 2 weeks of writing a seminar paper in a city / county company / institution
  • 3 months of professional practice in one of the IT companies

The condition for admission to the academy is a completed high school or college.

In addition to this, the following skills are needed:

  •  analytical skills
  • communication skills in speech and writing
  • presentation skills
  • coping with skills under pressure
  • skills and knowledge of using Office tools

The examination of the stated abilities and knowledge will be carried out by IT companies where the candidates will perform professional training. Eligible candidates are enrolled in the process upon completion of the application. Participants will sign a contract under which they undertake to pay the costs of education in case of unjustified withdrawal.

In accordance with the current CES (Croatian Employment Service) policy, if all preconditions are met, for trainees who are kept in the unemployment register at the Croatian Employment Service, professional practice will be financed through active employment policy measures.

The theoretical and hands on training part of the education is held at the Trokut Center.

The goal of Trokut is to periodically maintain the NEET Academy for the currently popular and wanted jobs.

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